What have you got cooking?

On October 8, 1871, a fire started that consumed most of the city of Chicago.  Rallying around that date, Fire Prevention Week has been a nationally recognized time to focus on fire prevention, and is now generally referred to as Fire Prevention Month.  Most of us would say we’re doing it, but prevention activities are truly a year-round effort, so the definition of “it” can be very long.  No different than in the kitchen, if you want the best results – use a great recipe! 

The first thing to do is to evaluate what prevention topics will most impact your family and home.  The challenge is to create the recipe for your family that will most effectively meet those needs.  When we’re creative and persistent, we can find a way to do it – and our families deserve nothing less! 



  • Home Fire Sprinklers
  • Photoelectric Smoke Alarms
  • Bed Shakers for the young and the wise
  • Bedroom Doors CLOSED during sleeping hours
  • Exit Plans and Drills with 2 ways out & a Meeting Place
  • Carbon Monoxide Alarms
  • NOAA Weather Radio
  • Cooking Safety – from the Kitchen to the Grill
  • Heating Safety – from Furnaces to Fire Places and Portable Heaters
  • Lighters/Matches – from kids to adults
  • Open Flame – from candles to cigarettes & cigars
  • Fireworks Safety – from personal injury/death to property damage
  • Flammable Liquid Storage – from cans to portable equipment
  • Open Burning – from burn piles to campfires
  • Christmas – from trees to lights, candles, and decorations

 Prioritize this list based on the needs of your family, remembering that it shouldn’t all be done in October.  In fact, there are likely more appropriate times during the year for topics like Fireworks and others.  Then, get your significant other, children, other family members, and anyone who can lend a hand (including us at the Fire Department) involved in creating the solutions. 

Many hands certainly make light work, but many busy hands get a lot more work done.  Break your list into manageable chunks, and together you can run with it.  We have all kinds of information and help available; check out our website, Facebook page, or just give us a call or an email.  Following this recipe is a great investment that will return dividends in safety and awareness throughout your family and for your home – so, let’s get cooking!




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Hartland Deerfield Fire Authority

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  • There were 833 calls for service in 2014
  • There were 902 calls for service in 2013
  • There were 889 calls for service in 2012
  • There were 1046 calls for service in 2011
  • There were 969 calls for service in 2010
  • There were 817 calls for service in 2009
  • There were 723 calls for service in 2008
  • There were 697 calls for service in 2007
  • There were 607 calls for service in 2006
  • There were 590 calls for service in 2005
  • There were 550 calls for service in 2004
  • There were 612 calls for service in 2003
  • There were 504 calls for service in 2002
  • There were 516 calls for service in 2001
  • There were 422 calls for service in 1999